Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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neon genesis evangelion || episode 25 ||  jikoshu

the reason to exist, la raison d'etre the reason to be allowed to be herethe boy wished to diethe other boy accepted the wishthe Final Angel disappearedyet, ikari shinji is anguishedwhy did you kill him?why did you kill him?

packofmarlboros replied to your post “scumila replied to your post “i had such a good day at work today. i…”

the fuck you working at?

a coffee shop. haha. but it’s artisan coffee. it’s a bit more technical. 

scumila replied to your post “i had such a good day at work today. i was barista today and i got a…”

i’m jelly cause I’m not on bar yet @ my cafe and I just wanna steam and pull shots so bad but I have to wait to be trained and there’s like 2 people before me but I’m haps 4 you, u deserve it!!

thanks so much. i hope you get certified soon. i pull shots and steam now and i mean i took a few classes!! i picked up pretty quick though. i have to take i believe 4 more classes and a test and i get my license. my milk texturing and art is something i’m really working on now because my shots are 100% which is great because other baristas tell me that’s the hardest. 

i can’t wait for you to be trained :-)

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What I’d do for a jacket that says SEX WAX.

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This is an absolutely heartbreaking case of police brutality. A 22 year old black man with down syndrome was beaten by the police for the bulge in his pants. That bulge turned out to be his colostomy bag. They ripped the bag off his body. This was an unprovoked attack. No one is safe out here.

Reblogging with updated link. The old one was dead.

Remember the case of 22 year old Gilberto Powell.

From a medical perspective this is horrifying, beyond the brutality he could’ve died from infection from a leak or trauma to his stoma.

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